Monday, August 19, 2013

Marty's Fall Haul: Styled By Mom (Part One)

I have been doing lots of shopping this past week to get Marty ready for fall. Most of the loot has been purchased online or at Target (our second home), with plenty of thrifting mixed in because who doesn't like $2 skinny jeans?

At the moment, temperatures here in Houston are up in the 90's, and we still have a few more months of summer before it really cools down. Fall is nowhere in sight, but sweaters and jeans just keep popping up everywhere, calling out to me with their adorableness. I can't seem to resist, even if it means hoarding them all away for a month or two.

Short sleeved t-shirts are practically year-round attire here, and living in a HOT part of the country has its perks during summer clearance time. It thrills me to my bones to get 80% off on a t-shirt that can still be worn for another 4 months! Layering those babies with cardigans, flannels, and hoodies will get us through our handful of cold snaps and our annual trip back home to Memphis (fingers crossed for a week of proper fall weather).

This last look is dedicated to my in-laws. If Marty ends up with the geek gene, it will have certainly hopped over from their branch of the family tree, and I won't mind at all. I will just have my sister-in-law on speed dial for emergency superhero/sci-fi education when I can't understand a word my son is saying.

Part two of this post to follow tomorrow or the next day. In case toddler boy fashion doesn't float your boat, you've been warned. I had to split this one into two because I lost the light before I could photograph the last few outfits. One of them includes a graphic tee featuring a picture of Albert Einstein, a fellow late-talker. *wink*

Outfit details:

#1- Shirt | Scarf | Shoes- thrifted | Jeans- thrifted | Sweater- thrifted

#2- Tee | Vest | Skinnies- thrifted | Shoes- thrifted

#3-  Shirt | Tee | Skinnies | Shoes | Toddler Wrist Watch

#4- Cardigan | Tee | Shoes

#5- Cardigan | Tee | Skinnies | Shoes

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Anonymous said...

Please move to PDX and style me!