Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Skipped Church Today + Blessings From the Blogosphere

Life has been busy lately. I much prefer my days slow and simple, with no particular place to be before 10am. But somehow in the last few weeks, my calendar has taken on a life of its own and every square seems to be full.

I enrolled Marty in the cutest little preschool about a month ago. He only goes two mornings a week, from 8:30-1:00, and when he started I thought how much free time I was going to have, and how much more productive I would become during all of that free time. Wrong-o.

Just as Marty was starting "school," my orthopedic doc discovered a problem with my feet and prescribed physical therapy twice a week. I had been in pain for several months, and I'm not a fan of pain, so I have been a good little patient and obeying doc's orders. Now, on school days, I drive Marty to school, drive to PT, drive to the grocery or post office or whatever errand is most urgent to do kidless, and then drive back to collect Marty. By the time we return home, we are both needing a nap.

On the in-between days, I am usually teaching fitness classes, or having play dates or doing whatever end of summer activities are written down in all those little squares I mentioned.

Truth be told, I am wearing myself out. My house is a wreck because of so much time away from it lately. And when I am home, my feet and legs are screaming (I still have a long way to go with my recovery), and all I want to do is sit down and not move. It feels like I am going and going, yet accomplishing practically nothing. Seriously, this basket of clean clothes hasn't moved from this spot in about 2 weeks:

Last night, after yet another long, filled-to-the-brim week, I told Bo that I needed some rest. I decided to skip church this morning and just stay home with Marty, both of us in our pajamas until whenever, nowhere to be and no one rushing anyone else out the door in a frenzy. A slow morning was what I needed. And that is what we had.

We stacked up some blocks and threw a beach ball at each other's heads for a bit. We played the late-talker's version of a vocabulary game: I say "where's a............ [whatever]??" and then he points to a [whatever] in his first words board book. Then we blew some bubbles in the kitchen until the floor was a sticky, slippery mess. And finally, we got dressed and drove to Target to buy diapers, because you can only put that one off for so long, right?

A morning well spent, I think. I even got to catch up on some blog reading, and was quite touched by several things I read. I may not have made it to church, but I felt almost like church made it to me, right here through my laptop. Blessed by the blogosphere... Take a peek and maybe these words will bless you, too...

Small FryDay  ||  Marty is still not talking. I'm not in a tizz about it or anything, but as we approach his birthday next month and his progress just seems to creep at a snails pace, I do start to get down on myself, wondering if I should be doing more. Perfect timing for me to read this post.

Facing Fear  ||  Casey's blog is beautiful and her life appears magical through her photos. But no matter how things appear on the surface, you just never know when someone might be struggling with something. I relate to this big time.

Love Taza  ||  I guess all moms just need to slow down every now and then.

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