Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take Me to Your Reader...

If you are like me and needing a new blog reader now that Google Reader is no more, check out BlogLovin. They have a Google Reader importer that can transfer your feeds!

I just joined yesterday so that I could keep up better with all of the feeds I follow. The reader isn't super fancy, but there is a cute social element that allows you to "like" posts (or even the entire blog), and also see what feeds your friends are following. This is perfect for me. Sometimes I don't really have anything super meaningful to leave as a "comment," but I'd still like to let my bloggy friends know that I enjoyed reading their post. BL also just launched their mobile app, which is always nice to have...

People can follow and "like" your posts even if you haven't registered your blog through BL. You may actually have likes and followers already that you don't even know about yet (like me!). Therefore, if you don't need a reader, you may want to register your blog anyway just to track your following. 

If you do decide to BL as your new reader, make sure you find me! :)

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