Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chalk Train

A few days ago, Marty woke up from his nap especially itchy to go outside. Granted, he wants to go outside pretty much always... but this particular day, he was literally at the front door pounding those chubby little fists with all the spunk he could muster. He is still a man of few (actual) words, but I got the message.

Most days, I'd be totally on board for an afternoon outing. But that morning, at the pool with friends, the sun had zapped just about every drop of energy out of my body. It is also currently hovering around a million degrees here in Houston. Sooooooo hot and humid and sticky, and frankly I just didn't want to leave the a/c. As a compromise, I opened the back door that leads out to our teeny tiny 3rd floor balcony/patio, gave Martypants some chalk, and let him loose. He got to enjoy some fresh air (and make a mess), and I got to sit in the doorway, half-in-half-out, running up our utility bill. (But staying cool, by golly.)

Marty is an interesting little man. He isn't really talking yet, but he is an observer of the world. I swear, sometimes I can actually see his mind working, his wheels turning. After only 3 weeks at his new preschool, his teacher is already predicting that he will be an engineer someday. He loves to stack, and build, and organize, wanting everything to be orderly, in its proper place. And try as I might to show him what you are supposed to do with sidewalk chalk, he had his own agenda. Silly mommy.

It was really very cute (but I suppose all moms think that). First, he tried to balance each chalk piece on its round little end in an effort to line them all up. But those pesky chalks just kept falling down. He'd get one or two to stand up, and then they would all come crashing down.

My boy is no quitter, though. When at first you don't succeed...? Build a chalk train instead!

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