Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Raise a Texan

Back in March, we took Marty to the Houston Rodeo. It was my first time to go, and I was not at all prepared for how HUGE of a deal it is around here. It lasts for 3 weeks, and has so much to see and do that we were only able to scratch the surface with our little half day visit.

Next year, I think I will have to take two or three trips. One with Marty, one as a date night (they have fantastic concerts practically every night), and maybe one with my grown-up girlfriends because the shopping is killer.

This time, the clock was ticking because the place opened at 9am, and we had a nap schedule to keep!  So we hit the ground running, and in a couple of hours, M managed to pet a live kangaroo, share a glass of chocolate milk with the famous Borden cow, and score his first pair of gen-u-wine cowboy boots (with matching hat, of course).

We are raising a Texan here, y'all...

The biggest petting zoo I've ever seen. They just throw the kids in with the animals and hope for the best. I was just hoping Marty wouldn't put rabbit droppings in his mouth.

Mart's haul from the Houston Rodeo. They had so much cute stuff!!

And after nap time, I subjected my son to the kind of torture only a mother can come up with:

 He looks so little there!! In just a few months since, he has grown up so much. My baby is quickly disappearing. But oh how I love this "big boy" that emerges a little more each day. This was yesterday:

Marty still loves his hat. And every time he shoves it on his head (backwards or sideways most often), the little horsie gets to stretch his legs. Yee-Haw!! 

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