What is Stitch Fix??

Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping service that is lots of fun! To get started, you just fill out a detailed style profile where you list your size, style preferences, and budget. When you order your fix, you are sent 5 hand-picked items to try on in your own home, with the other clothes, shoes, and accessories in your wardrobe. Within three days, you keep what you like and send everything else back. Easy-peasy.

The service costs $0-$20, depending on how you look at it. Shipping is free both ways, and unless you live in CA, there is no sales tax. When you schedule a fix, they will charge you $20 up front. If you keep anything in your fix, that $20 counts as credit toward your item(s). If you send everything back, you forfeit your $20 styling fee, so most people try to keep at least one item.

Your stylist will get better over time, because each time you send something back, you give her notes about why it didn't work out. Could be color, fit, or price. The more detailed you are in your profile and in your notes after each fix, the more the stylists will understand you and what you like. My third fix just arrived, and they really nailed it this time!

Stitch Fix offers some great perks, too! If you end up loving and keeping all 5 pieces in your fix, they give you 25% off the entire lot. This works out to be a great deal, in my opinion. Still hoping I'll get one of those magic fixes one day! Another awesome perk is the referral system. Once you fill out your profile, they give you a link to share with your friends and family. Anyone who schedules a fix through your link earns you $25 in Stitch Fix credit! Free clothes. Gotta love that.

If you would like to give Stitch Fix a whirl, here is MY referral link. Show me some love by clicking here >>>

Feel free to post questions if I forgot to mention anything. I will be happy to add more details!

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